Residents petition state’s high court to rehear seawall case

ENCINITAS — A pair of Leucadia residents are petitioning the California Supreme Court to get a re-hearing of the situation challenging the Coastal Commission’s restrictions on the seawall of their Neptune Avenue houses. The law firm representing Barbara Lynch and Thomas Frick at Lynch v. California Coastal Commission filed a petition to rehear the case […]

Documentary project launched on bringing Browsing to Cuba

CARLSBAD — Cuba has approximately 3,570 miles of exposed shore, however only a very small fraction of its inhabitants surfs. There are not any surf shops to purchase boards or wax and even people considering learning have limited access to browsing videos due to the island’s limited internet. Despite these hurdles, a small but dedicated […]

Surf Dog Surf-A-Thon Dog ready to make a splash

RANCHO SANTA FE — The Helen Woodward Animal Center is famous for the legendary 12th annual Surf Dog Surf-A-Thon. On Sept. 10, Del Mar’s Dog Beach will be an amazing sight to see with canines riding waves. Jessica Gercke, public relations and communications manager for the Helen Woodward Animal Center, shared that this event is […]

In face of housing element lawsuits, Encinitas must Shield Proposition A

Three lawsuits that seek to nullify Prop A are pending against the city of Encinitas. In the lawsuits, the plaintiffs assert that Prop A is in direct conflict with state law because it requires voter approval of Housing Element Upgrades (HEU). Prop A does not require voter approval of Housing Element Upgrades, but because those […]

RSF School District makes move to iPads

RANCHO SANTA FE — The Rancho Santa Fe School District board approved substituting its Chromebooks with iPads next year. Including older iPad version trade-ins currently being used at the school and other offsets, the proposition cost of 820 new iPads comes at a $352,174 price tag. Technology Director Ben Holbert introduced the data to the […]

Taste of Wine: Royalty lives at Hotel Del Coronado

The Hotel Del Coronado, also affectionately called the Del, is San Diego’s gift to the world ever since it started in 1888 as the largest hotel hotel on the planet at that moment. Ever since then it has hosted presidents, royalty, film stars and other actors  through its years of splendor.   Back in 1959, the film “Some […]

Lick the Plate: Chicken Principles in the iconic Pollos Maria

There are certain words that tend to be thrown around iconic and professionally may definitely fit into that category. Nevertheless, in the restaurant world, if you are still around and thriving after 30 years with people lining up for your meals, I’ll gladly attach that label. First off a concise background and backstory on Pollos […]

Lifeguard saga continues: Complaint filed against Town manager, attorney

From Bianca Kaplanek DEL MAR — With all the report on a four-month investigation into complaints against the Community Services Department anticipated to be submitted to town in a week or so a fresh inquiry got underway July 13 following a last-minute, closed-session meeting called by Mayor Terry Sinnott, who had been on vacation and […]

The Following step for Country Club Job

ESCONDIDO — On June 28 , the town of Escondido released a draft Environmental Impact Report for The Villages, the present development proposal for the prior Escondido Country Club area, whose golf course and clubhouse have been closed for over four decades. The launch commences a 45-day public comment period and represents a new landmark […]