City moves forward on new fire station

CARLSBAD — Last month the city approved an agreement with SchneiderCM for building management services for renovation and design of Fire Station No. 2 in La Costa.

The price is for a period not to exceed $391,500 for its channel, located in the intersection of Arenal Road and El Camino Real, just north of the Omni La Costa Resort and Spa. The city obtained approval when Measure O passed overwhelmingly in the election of last year to move forward with the job from Republicans.

On July 11, the council authorized an agreement with Domus Studio Architecture to create bridging documents for a design-build contract for the channel. Currently, 60 percent of those designs are finished, according to a city report.

“We are taking a look at a two-story channel design that produces very efficient use of this area so that we can remain within the city-owned property,” stated Carlsbad Fire Division Chief Mike Lopez.   “This may save taxpayer money because we won’t need to purchase any new property.”  

A total of $1 million for the current financial year was appropriated for the job from the General Capital Construction Fund. The fire station project is projected to cost between $7.5 million to $10.5 million.  

SchneiderCM, meanwhile, will begin the review of these documents made by Domus Studio Architecture for “completeness and constructability.” Get entered and the city also held an open house in October for neighbors in the region around Arenal Road and El Camino Real to review the designs that were prospective.  

According to Lopez, the focus of the plan work would be to balance function having a look that fits in with the neighborhood. Some vital decisions are made, like keeping the station although the plan work remains in the stage.  

The dilapidated station no longer meets codes and present requirements which have a little garage and shortage of room to protect against other carcinogens and fumes. In addition, the building does not meet with earthquake codes along with the siding, paradoxically, does not meet fire codes.

The channel was constructed to accommodate five for example no separation for male and female firefighters to one fulltime firefighter and today houses.

The city will advertise to complete the design and construct the channel, once the initial station design work is complete sometime next year. Construction could begin as soon as 2019 and will take about 12 to 14 months to complete.

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