‘Blatant gerrymandering’ a blow

New Encinitas is the big loser in the new election districts map that the Encinitas City Council adopted by a 3-2 vote on Nov. 15.

Gerrymandering has disempowered the city community. Cardiff and Leucadia are in charge of the main road that runs through our neighborhood (El Camino Real). The north end of our community has been severed and given over to control by Leucadia, the west and south have been given over to control by Cardiff, and nothing at this New Encinitas can be promoted without aligning with Olivenhain’s worries.

New Encinitas, the largest community in the city, has been made helpless.   It and El Camino Real have been set up to become the dumping ground for all of Encinitas’s problems.   It’s as if this had been the explicit aim in the first place, which it might well have been given the recent revelation from the Coast News that the new map is not a “citizen” map, but the personal product of some coastal council member who benefits politically from the new districts.

As a resident of New Encinitas, this is incredibly disappointing.   It’s one thing to endure from gerrymandering but I did not expect to be disempowered by means of this type of district manipulation in Encinitas.

Putting the five older, communities that are initial aside for a moment, itself divides into two communities: a neighborhood with an neighborhood using its societal and commercial center along El Camino Real along with its center along Coast Highway.  

You look at it, the only fair way to split the city is to two districts and two coastal districts. Since the largest original community, New Encinitas has to be split to accommodate four voting districts, but at a fair system the second largest original community, Old Encinitas, has to be split as well with a part of it combined with Leucadia as part of Cardiff.

The district system the Council adopted is intended to mistreat the inland communities, together with the first order of business except where it satisfies the coastal forces being dumping the entire housing element revision inland. The concept that Leucadia and Cardiff discuss interest is crap.   Along with for whom El Camino Real is that the artery the inland residents are deprived of almost any control on traffic and development .

This districting plan is nothing less than a coup by communities that will negatively affect the quality of life and likely the property values in the communities.

The system may be made honest, so long as districting begins that we will have two inland districts and two coastal.   Just draw an approximate north/south line that divides the city population in halfan tweak it to adapt the Latino population concentrations and split the east and west sides with whatever lines work for men and women in the two halves.

You find this power grab outrageous and if you live inland, the City Council should hear your complaints. They generally meet on Wednesday evenings at 6 (assess the city site).  

New Encinitas will never recover in case the city has one election utilizing this system that is rotten.

Herschel Stern is a resident of New Encinitas

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