Poway holding water Prices forum

The town is hosting a “Water Rates Educational Forum” at 6:30 p.m. Wednesday, Oct. 4 in the council chambers, 13325 Civic Center Drive.
Assistant City Manager Wendy Kaserman said the forum will provide the city’s clients a chance to find out about what impacts water prices and where Poway gets its water, as well as ask questions before the water intake hearing process. That process will start with an Oct. 17 City Council workshop.

“There is a lot to take into consideration when we put water prices,” Kaserman said. “It is not quite as simple as supply and demand. We are at the end of a supply chain that is long and also we do not have control over the cost. There is also the price of maintaining and replacing our infrastructure, which is essential to ensuring a safe and reliable water supply for our clients.”
A demonstration will be given on how rates are set, plus attendees may walk through screens that discuss background information about the water system along with the water rate process. The forum is expected to last about an hour and staff will be available to answer queries.

This past January the council reluctantly agreed to raise water prices 7.75 percent, plus an 8.75 percent hike in the fixed meter charge. Water prices have increased in recent years and are estimated to keep on doing this in the years to come.
Water customers can expect notices of an increase. Under state law, any rate hike may be ceased if 50 percent plus one of the town’s water users object, either in person or in writing at an advertised public hearing. 12 speakers were drawn by the January hearing in 78 protest letters resistance and four television news crews.
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