Woman Hurt in Encinitas hit-and-run as search for driver continues fighting for her life

A 15, A woman who was hit and hurt in a shout in Encinitas is still in a medically-induced coma with accidents as her parents maintain vigil.
Ashley Mullins Lane, who lives in Oceanside with her two young daughters ages 12 and 13, was hit Friday just before 7:30 p.m. because she was crossing Encinitas Boulevard near South Coast Highway 101. She had just finished working at her job in the Lazy Acres marketplace and was heading to go home, said her father Roger Mullins of Encinitas.

After hitting her, the driver of this truck — described as a brand new, white Ford 150 Platinum Edition with a shiny silver tailgate — stopped, got out and surveyed the scene before telling witnesses whom she appeared to be OK, said sheriff’s Sgt. Luis Chavez. The driver, said to be white and in his 40s, drove off and then got back into the truck.
Mullins said he is incredulous in the actions of this driver.

“To escape and see somebody laying on the floor and then consciously make the choice to drive off? There’s just no way you can rationalize that,” said Mullins in Scripps Memorial Hospital where his daughter is at the intensive care unit.
Mullins Lane suffered a lacerated spleen, in addition to several broken bones including ribs, her pelvis and four vertebrae. She has suffered a stroke and she’s also having neurological problems that have abandoned her entire left side paralyzed, her father said.
To make matters worse, Mullins Lane had lost her insurance policy because she made $108 to much to continue to be eligible and she was about to register for another plan with her employer, Mullins said. “She had the forms filled out and was prepared to turn them in.”
Her family has put a GoFundMe accounts up to help. So far, the effort has raised over $13,000.

Mullins describes his daughter, who graduated as an intelligent lady and great single mom whose focus in life is her two brothers. “She has her entire future in front of her,” he explained.
If he would say anything to the individual who ran down her he explained,” I would just ask what in the world were you thinking when you drove off? What would cause you to do that and live with the guilt for the rest of your life?” He guessed the individual is a sociopath with no conscious. He also said that while his catch would not change what happened, if the guy had insurance it could help with the invoices.
“This guy that hit her is just nonchalantly going on with his life — no interruptions whatsoever.”
Sgt. Chavez said the investigation is continuing. There were witnesses to the crash but apparently no one got a photograph of the truck the driver or its license plate.
Anyone with information is asked to call the Encinitas sheriff’s station or call Crime Stoppers in -LRB-888-RRB-580-8477.


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