Fourth Vista ambulance to Maintain Support

VISTA — Vistans can expect their reinstated ambulance to roll out on Sept. 24. Fire Chief Jeff Hahn provided City Council with a progress report about the recovery of a fourth ambulance during an Aug. 21 meeting.

City Council unanimously approved the reinstatement of a fourth Advanced Life Support (ALS) ambulance on May 9. The ambulance was taken from service in 2011 due to the downturn.

While the economy has improved, Hahn noted that the recovery of the fourth ambulance was required since two of its three ambulances worked beyond the recommended usage.

The ambulance would also help increase reaction.  

Hahn said they’d hired since the ambulance was approved by City Council in May. They graduated from the academy on Aug. 30 and made a beeline for their area orientation phase.  

“They’ll do several changes for evaluation and orientation to our system,” Hahn said.

“Then we’ll have our graduation and badge ceremony on Sept. 21. Sept. 24 will be the primary day we’ll actually get them in their seats, and we’ll have that fourth largest ambulance in service, so we’re looking forward to that.”

Hahn noted a few fire training figures such as their division accumulated roughly 27,000 hours of training during the 2016-2017 fiscal year.

Present members of their fire department took part in training, while new members took part in these hours.

“Training is a big part of what we do,” Hahn said.  

The badge ceremony will occur at Station 1 at 4 pm Sept. 21.  

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