Hint Rob Kelley rib injury May Not be worst case is provided by Gruden

This Redskins coach Jay Gruden said only that running back Rob Kelley had suffered a fractured rib could portend good news.
Not all fractures are instantly viewed on X-rays, and it’s a given that Kelley had X-rays taken.

If it was a displaced fracture, that’s usually observable. And people are.
Watching video of this drama in which Kelley was injured against the Rams, in addition to going by this speculation, we could expect Kelley had rib cartilage injury a fracture or contusion.

He ought to have the ability to return in 2-3 weeks — if not sooner — with the assistance of pain medicine. He is restricted in practice to get a time.
As long as it’s not a displaced fracture, it’s possible Kelley and a flak jacket or other protection along with shots could play this week against the Raiders.

The issue enabling him to succeed and is not only protecting him. Fractured ribs allow it to be painful to breathe, move or much less twist.

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