Nation Must Have honest look at health care

Directly after reading the article at the Union-Tribune about single-payer healthcare (“Medicare for everybody? Let us copy other countries,” Sept. 5) I went into my regional grocery shop. As I was on the checkout line there was a mother there along with her two sons (roughly 10 and 12 years old) and both boys were vastly overweight.
Have been chips, bottles of soda and cheese puffs. She subsequently went on to cover with her CalFresh card. It seems our tax dollars aren’t really giving the nourishment the youth of America wants today.

Dennis Shepard
San Diego

I lived under the Swedish system for 3 years. Proponents fail to mention that the beginning income tax of 55 percent on most employees (it could reach 95 percent), the 25 percent value added tax (like a sales tax), and the rationed care for all those over 45 years old.
Taxes might be higher it’s been a few years since I was there. Considering that the beacon of amazing, timely solutions (not) provided to our experts with a government health care program, why would we want to force that on everybody?
Have you seen any government program psychologist, improve its services without increasing costs? Where is the thinking that is revolutionary?
M. Martin

I am a liberal Democrat, yet I agree with every word of your editorial that is sensible on this subject. The U.S. got off on the wrong track in healthcare by establishing an expensive public-private venture when Medicare was first implemented.
At least we are doing it for healthcare, if we are to squander public funds. But waste is waste. Single payer is not the only alternative, as you indicate and developed nations provide a solution with the road map.
Patrick Coony
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