Hills volleyball standout won’t be stopped by knee injury

Kendall Cady is involved — heavily involved.
She is the Associated Student Body vice president and senior class treasurer. She conveys a 4.6 GPA and contains four Advanced Placement classes. Her counselor talked her out of it, although she desired five.

In a way, her zeal to do everything that has anything to do with high school, appreciate every second, price her. Big.
“I was playing Power Puff flag football in May,” said Cady, another group All-Section volleyball player in 2016 who’ll accept a beach volleyball scholarship offer from Arizona State University. “Everybody kept saying, ‘be careful, be cautious.’

“Then I felt the pain in my left ACL. I went to a lot of physicians and every one said I’d require then and surgery physical therapy. It’d require at least six months to cure, therefore indoor volleyball was outside.”
At first, Cady knew that they were correct, but the size did not really affect her till she needed to call her club volleyball coach at Epic and inform him.
“It hit me when I needed to tell the group,” she said. “I broke down and cried. I thought, ‘I can not play my senior year, it was presumed to be my year.’ I have heard from it, that is for certain.”
She knew she needed to stay as involved as she could, so if he needed some help trainer Chris Boaz was asked by her.

“She is just like a trainer out there,” said Boaz, in his third season with the Wolf Pack. “In our very first match she predicted where another group was going to serve, she chimed in during time outs — she’s not shy in any way.
“The other players have reacted since they know her talent and her skill. She is especially good with another middies.”
That would be the middle blockers such as the 5-foot-10 Cady was before the accident. One who’s currently soaking in every scrap of advice is sophomore Sarah Moyer.
“She is amazing,” said the positive Moyer. “Last year was the first season I played and she’s so reassuring. You ask and she explains things in detail. She is so good about everything, yet still humble. If I do not understand something, she’ll show me.
“She suggested that I drop my hand down while blocking, for instance, and if I did it and it worked from the game, I looked over at her and she gave me the thumbs up. I had never even heard of doing this but she has a enormous volleyball IQ that assists in every way.”
As much as Cady is loving helping, she can not wait to start training for beach volleyball, where Boaz says she is even better than indoor volleyball.
“She is a really good indoor volleyball player but in beach she transcends to another level,” says Boaz. “With only two players on the sand, you need to be able to perform everything — pass, shield, hit, serve, block, communicate — and she is so well-rounded it fits perfectly.”
She has been ensured by the ASU coaches that they still desire her and expect her signing on Nov. 8.
“The coaches told me to have healthy, not to hurry it,” said Cady, 17. “I was really nervous since the doctors told me it might take as much as a year to fully recover. The best thing about beach volleyball is the ball is touched by you every other time in the event your competitor senses a weakness, it’ll be exploited by them. Then there’s the wind, the sun, the sand — so lots of things make it harder compared to indoor volleyball.”
In the meantime, she’ll work on the winter and prom formal as senior class treasurer, be involved with all things that deal with the student body at West Hills in addition to lend as much time as she can to the Wolf Pack volleyball group whilst performing two hours of tough physical therapy on her ACL twice a week.
She would not have it any other way.
Brand is an independent writer.

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