RSF Ancient Society readies for special event

RANCHO SANTA FE — In Rancho Santa Fe, the architectural influence of Lilian Rice is abundant. In the Lilian Rice Row Houses, The Inn at Rancho Santa Fe, La Valencia Apartments, La Flecha House into the very first Rancho Santa Fe School, Rice’s inspiration is at every turn.

The Rancho Santa Fe Historical Society chose to further celebrate the job of Lilian Rice by hosting a special event on Aug. 12 called “Historic Places.” Historian Vonn Marie May will present the interactive talk.

The executive manager of the Rancho Santa Fe Historical Society, Sharon Alix, shared that the afternoon event will provide everybody, especially brand new residents of the region, an opportunity to learn in their community. For Alix, she believes that people have lost contact with what makes the Village so historical.

“New residents might not know the complete history of how the Ranch came about, and how one woman put it together with the assistance of the railroad. The presentation that Vonn Marie will do will show how the rise of the entire Village happened from nothing to what it is now,” she said.

May will also highlight other notable points in Rice’s life. Alix describes May as a great speaker that has in-depth understanding about Lilian Rice. As a historical landscape specialist, her talks engage people.

“Vonn Marie knows everything about the design and the methods that were used here and in different places,” Alix said. “She knows how California developed to this point, so it’s wonderful to hear her stories.”

Following the presentation, Alix shared the docents from the Women in Architecture, the

Palomar Chapter, are volunteering their time to perform guided tours of the Village. Contrary to the Rancho Santa Fe Historical Society walking tours, these can be much more abbreviated version of about four to five Rice locales.

Alix shared that space is limited for these trips to the first 40 people who sign up; a couple of spots are still available for May’s presentation.

The Rancho Santa Fe Garden Club is sponsoring the event, and the place will occur at the club.

To find out more about Historic Places, phone -LRB-858-RRB- 756-9291 or see

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