City needs a master plan for the stadium site

With reference to Don Ryan’s letter “Stadium should be house of the Aztecs” (June 20) asking what is wrong with all the Murph: I’m guessing Ryan hasn’t stepped foot in the stadium since it was really referred to as the Murph.
It is a crumbling ghost of a place. Inside and outside, it is far beyond repair. Not to say, it is far too large to be a legitimate college stadium for San Diego State University.

We need a collaborative strategy to replace the entire website with a multi-function gem that comprises an Aztec stadium, all which makes the city happy.
Tim Johnson

Rancho Bernardo

Hey, I’m a soccer fanatic and I’d love to see a Major League Soccer team arrive at San Diego, but not at any price and not under duress.

The SoccerCity proposal isn’t about soccer, it is about a personal group of investors stampeding voters to give them control of a large swath of developable public lands in fire-sale rates. Kudos to the City Council, San Diego State University and also Mara Elliot for throwing water with this manufactured fire sale.
There’s now time to solicit world-class proposals for the website. Time for project developers to set a meaningful dialogue with SDSU and timing for proposals in all their info to be carefully reviewed and compared. Everyone is going to be a winner in such a process. Just for once let’s do it correctly.
Keith Behner
Point Loma

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Signatures do not equate neatly to public opinion
The gathering of over 100,000 signatures in record time has been consistently referred to at U-T coverage since the will of the people (or something to that effect) to have a public vote on SoccerCity.
Any curiosity investing enough cash can and does only purchase these signatures. And my own personal experience is the paid gatherers frequently say whatever they need to for the money. This entire exercise amounts to very little.
Evan E. Becker
Point Loma
Mayor Kevin Faulconer and Council member’s Chris Cate and Scott Sherman maintaining belaboring the point that over 100,000 San Diegans signed the petition to have a special election for the SoccerCity plan and the council is still being unfair ignoring the will of the people.
Well, I’m a big sports fan and I did not sign the petition. How many others choose not to sign it as well? Maybe there must have been a counter petition of “no special election” on the table too.
There are more than a million individuals from San Diego and I hardly believe getting the necessary variety of signatures speaks for many of San Diego. Thank you to the members of this City Council who recognized this as well.
Jean Hoeger
San Diego
River Park would wind up a homeless camp
I read about a River Park as a big selling point for the soccer season development about the Qualcomm stadium site, if you want a little sampling of what exactly it will be like?
Go check out the newest Horton Plaza Park in the corner of Broadway and Fourth Avenue downtown. Homeless everywhere, taking baths at the new fountain, and what else you can imagine. What a disgrace.
Brad Morgan
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